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The Green Bay/Brown County Professional Football Stadium District was created by 1999 Wisconsin Act 167. The District’s jurisdiction is coterminous with Brown County, Wisconsin. Governance is the responsibility of a seven member Board of Directors with three members appointed by the Mayor of the City of Green Bay, three members appointed by the Brown County Executive and one member appointed by the President of the Village of Ashwaubenon. 


The legislation granted District the powers necessary or convenient to carry out the purposes and provisions of the legislation to facilitate the redevelopment of Lambeau Field – home of the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League. A detailed listing of the powers of the District can be found at §229.824 Wis. Stats.


The District serves as landlord of the stadium under a lease by and among the Green Bay Packers, City of Green Bay and the District. Additionally, the District works to foster economic development and tourism in Brown County.


The District's priorities have evolved over time and can be viewed in the context of several phases. Detail on the District’s activities by phase can be found in Management’s Discussion and Analysis of the District’s Annual Financial Report. Please refer to our audit.


Board Members:


  • Chair: Leah Weycker (Green Bay appointee)
  • Vice Chair: Keith Lucius (Ashwaubenon appointee)
  • Treasurer/Secretary: Sen. Robert Cowles (Brown County appointee)
  • Board Member: Barbara Dorff (Green Bay appointee)
  • Board Member: William Galvin (Green Bay appointee)
  • Board Member: Mark Graul (Brown County appointee)
  • Board Member: Chad Weininger (Brown County appointee)
  • Executive Director: Brian Dworak
  • Finance Director:  Patrick R. Webb
  • Program Consultant: Gregory T. Kuehl 
  • Administrative Specialist: Diane Roskom




The Green Bay/Brown County Professional Football Stadium District is a special district under the provisions of Chapter 229 of the Wisconsin Statutes. The District serves a public purpose in its jurisdiction (Brown County) by: providing recreation; encouraging economic development and tourism; reducing unemployment and bringing needed capital into the District’s jurisdiction.  To these ends, the District provides grants for special events and capital projects.


The District has an ownership interest in the Lambeau Field Complex and currently serves as landlord under the lease agreement with the City of Green Bay and Green Bay Packers. As landlord, the District has ongoing responsibilities including but not limited to: managing funds held in trust; planning capital improvements; monitoring standards for maintenance; repair and improvement; planning special events; and ensuring compliance with targeted business participation and workforce diversity requirements.  





We recognize the proud tradition of the Green Bay Packers and value the Packers and Lambeau Field as community treasures and integral parts of our cultural heritage.


We are dedicated to working cooperatively with the City and Packers to ensure that Lambeau Field remains among the best stadiums in the National Football League.


We will work with the City, Packers and other public/private organizations to leverage Lambeau Field to bring additional economic development for the benefit of Brown County businesses and taxpayers.


We represent the District’s citizens and shall strive to protect the public interest by ensuring that the following long-term goals are attained:


  1. The District serves as a national model for public/private partnerships and a cooperative working relationship is continued with the Packers and City.

  2. Business is conducted in conformance with all legal requirements and in the spirit of open government.

  3. District assets are utilized to foster job creation, recreation, tourism and area development.

  4. Funds are administered and invested in a manner that attains the highest return consistent with principles of safety and liquidity.

  5. A maintenance monitoring program and long-range capital improvements planning process ensure that public investment in the stadium is protected through proper maintenance, repair and improvement.

  6. Targeted business participation and workforce diversity programs are responsive to legislative requirements in consideration of the supply of eligible minority and women’s businesses within the District’s jurisdiction.

  7. Brown County businesses are used to the fullest extent practical for stadium-related work.



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